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IGX Global UK Limited is a subsidiary of ePlus inc., a Delaware corporation, traded on NASDAQ GSM. ePlus is known for our engineering talent and rigor, and we employ many experts who have a keen pulse on the IT industry. From security, cloud, and storage to lifecycle and deployment services, our staff has a unique perspective. Read our thought leadership articles below.

  • Cloud Native or Bust

    • ePlus Cloud Team
    • Nov 27, 2017
    There is a veritable cloud gold rush occurring today. CIOs are declaring “cloud-first strategies” while companies are pasting “cloud” onto any and every product they have. Their hope is to hit pay dirt amid uncharted and widespread IT transformation. As with most euphoric and rapid endeavors, reality is setting in for those who have made the journey to the cloud. Big payouts require work. For the cloud, a lot of that work happens at the application level.
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  • Critical Security Controls - A Close Look at the Six Sub-Controls to CSC1

    • Mark Pellechio
    • Nov 10, 2017
    Organizations are inundated with the latest security solutions and “expert” opinions on what they should be doing. In many cases, it might make more sense to take a step back and decide on a framework to map your current security posture against and get back to basics in developing solid cyber hygiene. One of these frameworks would be the Critical Security Controls (CSC) published and maintained by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).
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  • What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for your security operations?

    • ePlus Security Team
    • Nov 1, 2017
    Are you struggling with security? If so, you’re not alone. Security gets harder every year. Thanks to digital business and mobility, you need to guard more attack vectors than ever before. Product updates and new software innovations often result in new vulnerabilities—and hackers are getting craftier and more adept at exploiting them.
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  • KRACKing the Code: New Wireless Exploit

    • Bryce Floyd
    • Oct 18, 2017
    Well it’s been an interesting start to the week to say the least. We all woke up Monday to read about a new wireless vulnerability labeled KRACK, or key reinstallation attack.
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  • Are You Prepared to Meet the Next Benchmark in the New NYS DFS Cyber Security Regulations?

    • Paul Lenhard
    • Oct 4, 2017
    March 1, 2017 marked the date in which the NYS Department of Financial Services announced their compliance requirements for all covered entities that do business in New York State
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  • Getting Started with Data Analytics

    • ePlus AI Team
    • Oct 2, 2017
    You can’t go to a conference or look at an article without hearing or reading something about data analytics. As an industry, we’ve gone from the recognition that we have all of this data (i.e. Big Data) to focusing on how to derive insight and value from that data. It’s been part of our world for so long that the term “Big Data” isn’t used in the same way it was before —we just talk about data. The scope and complexity of it is understood.
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  • Understanding the Benefit and Value of the Cisco Enterprise Agreement

    • Ken Farber
    • Sep 27, 2017
    Today, most organizations struggle through a myriad of complexities associated with purchasing and managing software licenses. Apart from dealing with differing termination dates and compliance, the permissible usage of a license can also be governed by elements such as named users, concurrent users, perpetual use, subscriptions, and negotiated volume discounts. Licenses can also be tied to specific hardware devices limiting the manner by which they may be transferred.
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  • Navigating the World of Advanced Endpoint Protection

    • Bill Wheeler
    • Sep 21, 2017
    Ever feel like you’re fighting a losing battle? Your organization is pretty diligent when it comes to security. You have firewalls at the perimeter between your internal networks and the Internet. You have an anti-virus product deployed on every laptop, desktop, and server within your organization and the updates are kept current. You may have even deployed an application-aware next generation firewall, an IPS, or a SEIM/SEIM to collect and correlate security events from many data sources. Yet, despite your best efforts, your end users still manage to become infected with malware—or perhaps even ransomware. You may ask yourself, “With all of this protection in place, how is this possible?”
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  • 5 Things to Consider About Security in a Public/Hybrid Cloud

    • Sam Curcio
    • Sep 14, 2017
    Want to move more data and apps into the cloud, but you’re hesitant to do so because of security? It’s a valid concern. After all, protecting your sensitive data is your responsibility. When you put your data in the cloud, you’re taking a risk. It’s a calculated risk, one you’ve thought about carefully. But nonetheless, it’s still a risk.
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  • Et Tu, Equifax? Navigating IT Security and Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

    • Justin Bodie
    • Sep 12, 2017
    The world is changing rapidly, and we’re starting to see cracks in the security controls we’ve come to rely on in our digital society. Even Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting organizations out there, has suffered a data breach. I’m often asked by friends and family how I react to the news and what I recommend, so I thought I’d share my suggestions with you
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  • 10 Considerations to Build Strong Security Programs in Education

    • ePlus Security Team
    • Sep 11, 2017
    Information security is a top concern in every industry. In 2015, the percentage of reported data breaches caused by hacking incidents increased 8.4 percent over 2014 numbers to reach the highest value in nine years (37.9 percent), according to a report from the Identity Theft Center. Cyber crime is a sophisticated criminal enterprise, and billions are lost annually through breaches of businesses, healthcare organizations, and government entities; and yes, educational institutions too.
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  • 3 Ways Network Visibility Reduces Cost and Improves the Customer Experience

    • ePlus Networking Team
    • Aug 30, 2017
    Downtime is an ugly word in IT, unless you’re talking about taking a vacation. It’s negative. No user wants to hear it or suffer the consequences of it. None of the IT managers that I know want to walk into an executive’s office and utter the words, “We’re down.”
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  • Can’t Find Cyber Security Talent? Try These 5 Things

    • ePlus Security Team
    • Aug 15, 2017
    According to a recent survey by Enterprise Storage Group (as reported in this Network World article), 45% of organizations reported a “problematic shortage” of cyber security skills, representing a 17% increase from their 2015 survey results. The shortage of skills creates a problem. But the obstacle is not insurmountable. Despite the talent shortage, here are five things you can do to find resources and build an effective cyber security program.
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  • Storage Just Keeps Growing – Dealing with the Impact of IOT and other Digital “Enablers”

    • Bill Evans
    • Aug 2, 2017
    Demand for storage capacity is growing. While enterprise storage systems factory revenue was down in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), total capacity shipments of enterprise storage were up, reaching 52.4 exabytes, an 18.3% increase from the fourth quarter of 2015.
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  • Top Priorities for Healthcare CIOs in 2017

    • George Pashardis
    • Jul 10, 2017
    According to International Data Corporation (IDC), IT spending is expected to reach $2.7 trillion worldwide in 2020. Financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare are expected to lead in spending. Among all industries, healthcare is projected to remain the fastest growing industry at 5.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
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  • ePlus and OneCloud at Cisco Live

    • ePlus Cloud Team
    • Jun 28, 2017
    Stop by our booth at Cisco Live and meet the new ePlus OneCloud team; Sudheesh Subhash, Manish Tandon, Anjali Tyagi, and Desi Acosta! We are in Booth T12 in the Solutions Showcase – right near the House of Brews!
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  • Don't Overlook the Why in Your Move to the Cloud

    • ePlus Cloud Team
    • Mar 29, 2017
    Simon Sinek, well-known author, speaker, and consultant, made headlines a few years ago with his business book (and extremely popular Ted Talk) titled Start with Why. In his presentation, Simon explains his belief that companies must understand what they do and how they do it. But more importantly, they first need to understand why they do it.
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  • Connecting Cloud and Security in the Digital Age

    • ​Lee Waskevich
    • Mar 16, 2017
    Cloud adoption is increasing. While growth rate estimates vary, the trend is going up. But some studies reveal that cloud security remains a big concern, and it's having an impact on cloud services adoption. According to a study by Intel, 49% of customers said they slowed down their rate of adoption last year over security-related concerns, specifically citing a shortage of cybersecurity skills.
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  • Why Should Network Programmability Matter to You?

    • ePlus Networking Team
    • Mar 2, 2017
    We hear a lot about network programmability these days. It's a popular topic at conferences and a common subject in articles and blogs. Many experts and industry analysts are writing and talking about it, mostly in connection with a broader discussion about industry trends and software-defined networking (SDN).
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  • Optimize Your Security Program with Managed Security Services

    • Wayne St. Jacques
    • Feb 10, 2017
    I talk about security a lot these days. It’s unavoidable, really. In my position, I meet and speak with so many IT people—colleagues, customers, and prospective customers—from commercial industry, healthcare, government, and education. And all of them share one similar concern: security.
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