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Director of Emerging Technology

With so many technologies and moving parts involved in a Deep Learning project, many times stitching these components together and other manual infrastructure work along the path of experimentation to consumption can create significant challenges.

To simplify getting started with Deep Learning, ePlus has put together a bundle we call HX AIM that includes Cisco HyperFlex HCI with mid-range NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and the Skymind SKIL Deep Learning platform. This powerful combination provides efficient hyper-converged infrastructure and optimized deep learning tools, for simple operations and management of the entire AI lifecycle.

The HX AIM solution removes infrastructure obstacles and provides an intuitive user interface for collaborative model construction, training, deployment and serving. The beauty of the solution is that it evolves as needs evolve while keeping administrative overhead and manual work to a minimum.

Starting with three Cisco HyperFlex All Flash nodes, you can start experimenting, exploring, training and consuming out of the box. Tight integration with Big Data technologies means you can easily start working with a high variety of data sitting in your data lake. As your models become more complex and training demands grow, training can be offloaded to training optimized platforms such as DGX-1 and AIRI. Trained models can be easily imported into HX AIM and deployed for use in applications with just a few clicks.

We know that for many, infrastructure and tools are not the only challenges so we have put together a set of phased enablement professional services that compliment HX AIM:


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