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Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The 2019 Holiday season is in full swing. While we spend time with loved ones, search for the next “it” device, or simply take a breath from this year’s pace of life, we must remain cognizant that threat actor campaigns are ready to catch us off guard. Our data continues to be under constant attack. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you’re adequately protected all season long.

Holiday Safety Tips:

  1. Online Shopping. Verify the consumer website you are visiting is in fact the correct site. Spoofed websites are deceivingly realistic, and the adversary is looking to catch you in a rush. When clicking links in email that refer to a sale price, take a moment to go to the website directly to verify the actual price. As online shopping becomes the norm and we look to find the best deal for that gift we’ve been searching everywhere for, we must ensure our transactions are not only “real,” but protected.
  2. Staying connected on the go. Holidays frequently go hand in hand with travel. When waiting in airports or trains ensure you are on a trusted network and potentially leveraging a VPN when connecting to the internet, especially when transferring funds. Also, bring a battery backup for your device or leverage something like a data blocker when using provided charging stations. Many adversaries employ tactics like sniffers to siphon data when you are charging your devices.
  3. Stay Updated. As we bring more IOT devices into our home, more and more of our daily activity is stored in some way electronically. Phones, electronic assistance devices, tablets, watches, and even some of our refrigerators are now connected at all times. Ensuring the latest security patches and firmware is installed and up to date will help protect you from bad actors who are counting on you being distracted with the busy time of year.

Have a cyber safe and joyous holiday season!

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