Can Your Firewall Keep Pace with Today’s Threats?

New malware, the increasing sophistication of hackers, and the exploding use of social media and ecommerce all shape today’s changing threat landscape. Most legacy security measures are insufficient to meet these evolving threats. If your firewall is more than two years old—you are no longer protected.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility—Identify applications and users even when evasive techniques are being employed
  • Flexibility—Enforce granular usage policies without burdening your admin staff
  • Affordability—Integrate with your existing security investments and increase your ability to protect against sophisticated attacks and evasion techniques
User Authentication

Visibility + Security = Savings

IGX Global understands that businesses need granular visibility into application traffic in order to prepare against any attacks.  It’s important to implement enhanced deep packet inspection for detection of malware.  We can help you consolidate firewalls, IPS, VPN, and other security solutions— providing cost savings and efficiencies while protecting your data.

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