Layers of Protection for Meaningful Intelligence

Security analytics is critical to understand your IT infrastructure, before, during, and after a threat. IGX Global can help ensure your layers of security technology work together to report malicious activity, augment that information with threat intelligence, and correlate seemingly isolated events into meaningful and actionable intelligence.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise security policies
  • Rapidly identify, prioritise, and respond to policy breaches
  • Protect from internal and external threats

Firewall Operations Management

Today’s enterprises manage hundreds of firewalls and network devices. Each device has a complex set of rules defining the access privileges and restrictions. IGX Global can provide a unified, top-down view of all firewall policies, track firewall configuration changes, minimise risk, and optimise your security policies.



IGX Global can help safeguard your business from external threats (such as malware and hackers), internal threats (including data breaches and fraud), and compliance pressures from failed audits. We deliver products for collecting, processing, and assessing security and risk event information so you can rapidly identify, prioritise, and respond to policy breaches, cyber-security attacks, and insider threats.

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