Plan, Build, Support, and Optimise Your Security Program

Every company needs a plan that helps it think holistically about cyber security. This plan, or a security program as it is called by information security professionals, should include designated security leadership and resources, risk assessment, policies and procedures, regulatory standards compliance, and an audit compliance plan. IGX Global Strategy and Risk Management pairs advisory services with assessments to help clients build successful security programs that protect valuable data, improve security posture, and secure the brand.

Why Choose IGX Global?

  • Develop a security management framework and operational strategy to improve your current security posture, both on the perimeter and inside the data center
  • Develop policies, standards, and guidelines that treat security as continuous risk management, not a stop/start engagement
  • Fill resource gaps for program leadership with Virtual CISO—a seasoned security executive with hands-on technical expertise to evaluate and help drive your security program
  • Better assess risk and protect your security posture via standards-based assessments, security reviews, and customised roadmaps 
  • Address operational inefficiencies by consolidating the multitude of security point solutions
  • Choose flexible security program models delivered As a Service that provide financial flexibility to meet your budget

Security Consulting

IGX Global Virtual CISO provides a seasoned security executive with hands-on technical expertise to evaluate and help drive your information security and compliance programs—complementing your existing security personnel and exper...

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Security Consulting As a Service

The IGX Global CyberSecurity Management Program offers continuous security consulting and management to improve your organisation’s security posture through a flexible As a Service model.

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Security Assessments

From risk and compliance to vulnerability and penetration testing, IGX Global Security Assessments provide visibility into your environment, diagnose problems, and recommend an actionable roadmap to put you on the path to success.

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