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At IGX Global, we believe the cloud fundamentally is about transformation. It’s about leveraging innovative technology, best-of-breed services, and new delivery models to change the way our businesses operate and serve our customers in order to lower costs, improve products and services, enhance customer experience, and increase market share. But transformation is not just about technology—and neither is the cloud. It’s about combining people, processes, and technology to create positive change.

Why Choose IGX Global?

  • Adopt cloud technology not only to improve operations, but create new operating models that will put you on the path to true business transformation
  • Scale on demand with customised applications and services that meet your needs more quickly
  • Enjoy greater agility, reduced costs, and improved efficiency to reach your IT goals

  • Broker innovation with ‘As a Service’ models that offer Op-Ex value and speed time to market
  • Simplify management with advanced platforms and tools that provide insight into your business
  • Extend your business and productivity with anytime, anywhere availability for colleagues, customers, and clients

Cloud Assessments

Develop an actionable roadmap to the cloud by assessing which deployment model is your best fit, predicting and leveraging cost savings, measuring performance, and establishing migration plans.


Private Cloud

Mission-critical workloads, security concerns, uptime requirements, and management demands are reasons to stay private. IGX Global is a leading innovator of private cloud solutions that offer the security and flexibility needed to...

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Hybrid Cloud

Strike a balance between security, control, and scalability with hybrid cloud. IGX Global has the products, solutions, services, and expertise to help you plan a hybrid cloud strategy tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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Public Cloud

Go public to support dynamic workloads, enable Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, leverage collaboration projects, and meet capacity requirements. Learn why IGX Global is your best resource for the future of cloud computin...

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