Strike a Balance with Hybrid Cloud

Businesses of all sizes are turning to hybrid cloud to experience the ideal mix of public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated servers working together—striking a balance between security, control, and scalability. IGX Global has the products, solutions, services, and expertise to help you plan a hybrid cloud strategy tailored to the needs of your organisation. We enable simplified cloud operations with security and management tools and optimisation and support services to ensure your success every step of the way.

Why Choose IGX Global?

  • Benefit from customised or pre-packaged hybrid cloud architectures that drive business outcomes faster
  • Improve customer experience by reducing distance-based latency challenges
  • Enable your hybrid cloud using a proven assessment process to determine whether specific workloads are more suitable for public, private, or a truly hybrid cloud approach
  • Choose from a large selection of public and private cloud resources for a more flexible IT environment
  • Enhance security by keeping sensitive data on dedicated infrastructure that provides more control
  • Lower costs for backup and disaster recovery by procuring stand-by resources through the cloud
  • Bridge the gap between new and legacy systems to bring significant Cap-Ex and Op-Ex savings to your business

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

IGX Global brings deep technical knowledge and experience in helping our customers architect a wide range of infrastructure and converged infrastructure solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers.  Our strong vendor relationships provide access to thought leaders in infrastructure technology development—knowledge we pass directly to our customers.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Professional & Managed Services

IGX Global offers comprehensive services to help you plan, build, support, and optimise your IT infrastructure. We deliver across-the-board enhancements every step of the way—allowing you to improve productivity, profitability, and revenue growth while reducing operating costs.

Professional and Managed Services

Cloud Aggregated Services

Accelerate innovation and cost savings through a single trusted resource across hundreds of top industry providers for Cloud as a Service, Co-location and Interconnection, and Connectivity and Mobility Optimisation services.

Cloud Aggregated Services

Security Services

IGX Global brings a unified approach to securing data in motion and data at rest. Let us secure your hybrid cloud with industry-leading security solutions, expert guidance, and Security as a Service option.

Security Services

Hybrid Cloud

Nov 9, 2016, 11:27 AM
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