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Speed IT Deployment and ROI

Looking for an efficient way to get up and running quickly? IGXGlobal Configuration Centre Services consolidate individual components from multiple OEMs into a single SKU in one cabinet, fully functional upon arrival for faster ROI. Rely on a one-stop shop for full project management based on a repeatable, proven methodology with standardised processes and documentation. We can facilitate multiple site deployments to speed time to market, scaling from low level imaging to full cabinet integration and remote connectivity for final configuration.

Configuration Centre Services


Configuration Centre Services In Action

Watch our team of engineers and architects explain how ePlus & IGXGlobal make technology ready to go—literally out of the box.

Configuration Centre Services Highlights

Configuration Centre Service Highlights

  • Various software imaging options, including MDT, SCCM, Ghost, and Hosted Solutions
  • Multiple pre-staging racks utilised for pre-configuring servers, switches, routers, storage, and other devices
  • Ability to incorporate into IGXGlobal product lifecycle management solutions
  • Large integration spaces capable of configuring multiple devices simultaneously
  • Secure VPN remote access
  • Domestic and international shipping capabilities
  • IGXGlobal project management and engineering support
  • Easily combined with IGXGlobal onsite installation services
Device Staging

Device Staging

From unboxing the equipment to performing power-on testing, application configuration, IOS updates, remote access, quality assurance, device shutdown, and rebox and ship, our team handles it all.

Software Imaging

Software Imaging

We facilitate laptop/PC imaging projects for numerous customers concurrently with our efficient and proven methodology to ensure consistency and adherence to standards.

Rack Build

Rack Build Services

IGXGlobal has ample cabinet integration floor space to configure multiple unified racks at one time (rack/stack/configure/label/cable) consisting of numerous devices, fully configured, and from multiple OEMs—from simple to complex deployments.

Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging

We perform visual inspection and replace components if damaged, apply customer-provided asset tags, record serial numbers/passwords/asset tags/make/model, and then repackage the product and prepare for shipping.

Warehouse and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics

IGXGlobal performs Warehouse Management Services, including bundling shipments together, kitting different hardware from multiple OEMs, warehousing for short- and long-term engagements, and shipping (both domestic and international).

Custom Offerings

Custom Offerings

Apart from the standard SKUs service offerings, IGXGlobal can design, configure, and deploy for your specific requirements.

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