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What is Platform Security?

Rooted in prevention, platform security refers to the security architecture, tools and processes that ensure the security of an entire computing platform and its associated applications & data. It uses a unified security software suite across hardware and virtual systems, on premise and multi-cloud environments and leverages defined processes to execute the mission of an organisation’s defined security program. Platform security is designed from the ground up to counter

Optimize Your Defenses

Prevention, Detection & Response

Security platforms should provide incremental threat protection as tools are utilised collectively. Each tool will also act as a sensor for collecting telemetry. The platform should be back-ended by an advanced security analytics service that processes, analyses, and acts upon this shared security telemetry. Security platforms must also offer well-defined and flexible options for responding to and mitigating threats.

Analytics and reporting

Centralised Analysis & Reporting

The consolidation and integration of security tools into a central management console will enhance your ability to detect and respond to threats and improve the efficiency of security operations and analytics efforts. Intelligence analytics will help reduce the burden on security staff, improve their ability to investigate critical alerts and decrease the amount of time for incident detection. Minimise the impact of a compromise or breach by enabling the ability to identify threats across a broader range of your attack surface, reducing the time-to-detect.

ML Securtiy

Automation, Orchestration & Machine Learning (ML)

The future of cyber security is about humans and machines working together to balance time and context. Automated defences are enabled through orchestration capabilities and advanced behavioural analytics. ML can also perform predictive analytics. Together, ML, automation and orchestration can expedite and accelerate incident remediation. This improves security operations, enabling more value from existing tools and staff through greater emphasis on simplicity and efficiency.

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Managed Security Services

By personalising cyber security services to the top risks and compliance needs of your business, a managed security services provider can maximise your ROI while focusing on the most pressing risks and needs. A managed security services provider can help translate your business goals into effective security policies and controls that will help mitigate identified risks. They can also deploy and maintain leading-edge, advanced security technologies and help spread the cost of experienced staff across multiple organisations, allowing you to both save money, and get the necessary skills needed to run the advanced security technologies to protect your organisation.

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